A calculation. Fee / daily rate as photographer
31. May 2020

How do I calculate my daily rate as a photographer? This question comes up again and again when I speak to people who would like to turn their hobby, their dream into a profession. This is why I want to show you my daily rates here and, as well some suggestions and tools to calculate your own daily rate. The prices on the market are incredibly different and it is hardly possible to get an overview, since many photographers do not want to give out what their daily rates look like...

Painting with light
28. May 2020

This photo was taken in a small passage between the home and a building where the owners had a small company in the past. Today there is a family home and a photo studio on the other side. Everything is old and made of wood. In fact, we did a photo workshop there in the studio and Angelina was our model...

Shooting with Mimi Desuka
9. May 2020

With my friend Matti Weinberg (insta: https://www.instagram.com/mattu.photography/ I had a fantastic shoot on Friday. As it is sometimes, I had seen a model on his pictures, which I found very interesting in expression. He had worked with her a couple of times and I was impressed by her interesting face and expression. Shortly afterwards a message came from Matti: “Hello dear Marco! Have good news from Mimi ... she's going to do a shoot with you ... "

Wie funktioniert Frequenztrennung?
12. March 2020

Für viele ein Buch mit sieben Siegeln. Hier erkläre ich euch eine einfache Methode, die zuverlässig funktioniert. Für die moderne Bildbearbeitung und Retusche bei der Portraitfotografie, ist die Frequenztrennung ein mächtiges Tool, das es uns ermöglicht, Bilder so zu bearbeiten, dass die Hautstruktur realistisch bleibt. Wer das nicht immer neu machen möchte, kann das in eine Photoshop Aktion packen. Wer das und noch weitere Aktionen möchte,...