With my friend Matti Weinberg (insta: https://www.instagram.com/mattu.photography/ I had a fantastic shoot on Friday. As it is sometimes, I had seen a model on his pictures, which I found very interesting in expression. He had worked with her a couple of times and I was impressed by her interesting face and expression.

Shortly afterwards a message came from Matti: “Hello dear Marco! Have good news from Mimi ... she's going to do a shoot with you ... "

I did not expect it at all, but I thought it was really great and so our shoot came pretty quickly. The same week. Having a camera in hand after such a long time was almost weird. Of course, I hadn't even photographed the whole lockdown because of COVID-19. But of course you can get back in there quickly.

After Mimi arrived, we had lunch and talked. Personal contact is very important to me. You can break the ice, build trust and find a common ground for conversations.

After lunch, we started. Mimi was very inspiring and she has a lot of experience. This made our work easy and wonderful pictures were taken.

All pictures here were created with a so-called "one-light set-up". I love working with just one light and creating interesting pictures. This simplicity offers optimal communication with the model and - I think - it doesn't need more than that.

Here are a few making-of pictures of our shoot.