Coaching photography and retouching


Specially designed for you! From beginner to advanced.
International dates by arrangement.

You want insights to my work as a photographer and retoucher? You want to learn how to use light shapers, strobes, reflectors, and other tools highly efficient or simply work with the available light to achieve your desired results?
In a one to one coaching – specifically designed for you – or even with two participants, I can show you how to do so and what you can do to make progress developing your own style.

Every retoucher and every photographer has his own workflow. I will show you how I interact with the people in front of my camera, how I work with the available tools and how I choose the right pictures. Last but not least I’ll show you my retouching workflow. PostProduction can be a big part of finding your own style.

I want you to have a coaching that leads you closer to your goals, where you can really make progress on your way as a photographer or retoucher. I want to inspire you and show the way to work out the best of a person.

I will show you my techniques and design a workshop that fits exactly your individual needs. This is all about what you need to know and about your progress.


Learn how I work with the light and the available tools. Whether indoors or outdoors, I’ll show you how I create my images and what are the important things to achieve the best results.

From the idea to the final image I will show you every step!

It’s all about your individual needs! We design the coaching specifically for you!


More than 15 years experience as graphic designer and retoucher give me the flexibility I need to show you everything you want to know.

You’ll see my complete workflow vom A to Z and I’ll answer all your questions to it!

The development of your own style is most important and so it’s important to us, that we can support you making progress in your way of photography!


A consistant image is very important if you want to be successfull in a sustainable way.

I will help you making the right steps to achieve your goals.

I want to send you home with a bunch of tipps and tricks you can really use and that will help you to work on a long lasting success.


At our coachings you can choose from my presets and actions you want to take home.

Food and beverage is included. You just have to come and learn.

Even the fees for Model and Make-up Artist are included in my offers.


At your place or at my place, inside or outside – that doesn’t matter for me. Everything depends on what you want to learn.

Up to 80 km around my hometown I don’t charge any travel and expenses.


Any expenses like flight tickets and hotel by prior arrangement but maybe I’m in your town during my workshop tour anyway.