Photoweek with Sean Archer and Marco Gressler

Until now, it was just an idea, but now it’s real!

Date: 8.7. bis 13.7. resp. 15.7.

Why resp.? Because the Event is until 13th but you can stay until 15th if you want – without paying more!

4 models, 2 coaches, 1 Make-up Artist and a lot of summer, sea and good pictures!

Photo-Sessions will be after breakfast and at the evenings, because of the light and the temperatures. Of course you can ask models for sessions to other times. Usually we’ll have a break from 12 a.m. to 5 p.m. We’ll need some time for post production etc. and to enjoy our time at the island.

There is about one model for every two participants, so you have plenty of time to realize your ideas and even Storys can be made over a couple of days.

A Make-Up Artist will be with us all the time. She’ll make-up our models for our needs.

Photographing and learning

Me and Sean Archer will be there as photographers to, but we’ll help you if you need us.

Enjoy the feeling that everything is taken care of

We live all together in a big mansion with a pool, a tennis court and a lot of beautiful shooting spots (pictures of our mansion below). Breakfast and non alcoholic drinks are included and at the evenings we’ll sit together at a BBQ which is included too. But of course you can take the evening to go into the cities if you want to.


We’ll have one rental car but they are pretty cheap if you need one. About 20 to 30 Euro a day.

journey to our destination

We’re not a travel organizer, so the journey to mallorca is up to you. That has several legal reasons. So our price is without flight. But we can pick you up at the airport if you need.

Because of these reasons, this is not about business, it’s about a wonderful time and good pictures. I’m looking forward to a lot of fun. Respect is very important to me, we’re a lot of good people!


1599 Euro
(you have to pay 600 Euro at the time of booking and 999 about 3 months before the date. Part payment possible)

Because of the complexity of this event, we preserve the right to make alterations.

Impressions from our beautiful location: