All my black and white and color lightroom presets!

14 Color Presets
13 BW Presets!

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ca. 23 Euro
approx. $ 24.-

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With this bundle, you’ll get all my lightroom presets!

They’re easy to use and you can change every little detail for your taste.

I don’t want to offer you 100+ presets just to fill your memory. These are my best presets I use for my own pictures and I only adjust them a bit for each shot. Presets are the basic of a workflow, but it’s important to keep your own style! But these presets will help you to achieve that faster.

This Bundle includes:

Black and white:

  • MG basic
  • MG dunkel
  • MG dunkel 2
  • MG kontrastreich
  • MG kontrastreich-klar
  • MG oldschool
  • MG helle Haut
  • MG Tonwerte optimiert
  • MG Farbtemperatur
  • MG weich
  • MG-LowKey_Tiefen-Lichter
  • MG-LowKey_Tiefen-Lichter-2
  • MG-Tiefen-Lichter-Kontrast


  • blue-look
  • blue-look 2
  • entsättigt
  • entsättigt – mehr Tiefe
  • entsättigt kontrastreich
  • entsättigt kontrastreich 2
  • Farbkanal-Look
  • Flieder-Look
  • Kontrastlook
  • Lila-Look
  • Lila-soft
  • soft color look
  • soft Punch
  • warmer Kontrast

If you have any questions, don’t hestitate to ask! (